Program NABIS pro

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program nabis pro

Who is the program intended for?


Program Nabis PRO

It is preferred by restaurateurs, hoteliers, homes for the elderly, schools, kindergartens, shops…

Financial savings

The program includes the prices of all providers, so you can always buy products at the best prices.

Saving time

Order goods with just a few clicks and save valuable time that you otherwise spend on communication when ordering.


The program allows you to buy quality products at the lowest prices.

Customization according to your needs

You can customize the package yourself, according to your needs and requirements.

Written order

The order is accurate, in writing, contains all the information and there is less possibility for errors.

Up-to-date inspection and control

The program enables control over the costs and supply of suppliers.

Choose your package

The packages are suitable for any company that wants to optimize costs in the purchasing process.

Years of experience

The company has been operating since 2011, and our experience in the field goes back much further. That is why we are experts in cost optimization. For our customers, we negotiate with suppliers and advise them on how to
optimize costs.

We create savings

In cooperation with business partners, we find suitable suppliers, negotiate terms, prices and quality of products or services with new and existing ones, propose creative solutions and enable product ordering and cost analysis.

Customers stay
with us

We have been working with the vast majority of customers for years. We try to be reliable and give them all the support they need. You don’t need any special knowledge of negotiation to work with us. We optimize your operating costs and negotiate with suppliers
for you.